Nikki Morrow

Legal Assistant & Office Coordinator

As HEL’s trusted legal assistant, Nikki has experience in the B.C. courts and human rights and employment standards tribunals.

Nikki Morrow is an experienced Legal Assistant and Office Coordinator with considerable experience and knowledge supporting Howard Employment Law’s employment practise. Nikki joined Geoff Howard back in 2018 and followed him to Howard Employment Law in 2020.

Nikki has worked in the legal industry since 2015. A few of her skills include document assembly and sharing and arranging Zoom conferences, examinations for discoveries, mediations and trial support.

She is familiar with forms and procedures in the B.C. Courts and Human Rights and Employment Standards Tribunals. She also supports litigation in other provinces. From previous experience, she is familiar with wills and estates and family law practise procedures and forms.

Originally from Vancouver, she completed her Legal Assistant diploma at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta, completed her practicum, and continued to work in Calgary before returning to Vancouver in 2017. Prior to becoming Geoff Howard’s trusted assistant in 2018, Nikki Morrow worked with a Wills and Estate lawyer in Richmond, a sole practitioner, and a boutique family law firm in Calgary.

At HEL, Nikki serves as legal assistant to Geoff and Sebastian. She manages their calendars to schedule calls and client meetings for them. Her excellent computer and organizational skills are an asset in her other role as Office Coordinator. In this role, she is also responsible for HEL’s billing, collections and day-to-day accounting matters. She also keeps HEL’s website updated and helps publish HEL’s Employer Alerts and Blog posts.

When she is not at the office, Nikki loves to hike, golf, bake and play with her cat Fury.

Nikki can be reached at 604.424.9687 or

“Both Geoff and Nikki have been a pleasure to work with. Geoff’s expertise on employment law in particular has been invaluable from a non-profit standpoint.”