For Employers


Howard Employment Law (HEL) provides the full range of employment law services to employers covering the full life cycle of the employment relationship in all Canadian provinces including the following:

Employment Offers/Agreements

We recommend all employees sign employment agreements with shorter letter form agreements for non-executives and more formal agreements for executives. All agreements should define and limit employer severance obligations.

Employee Handbooks and Policies

We have assisted many employers in adapting handbooks from other jurisdictions and in conducting legal reviews of handbooks prepared by clients.

Employment Standards Compliance

We provide practical advice on how to ensure compliance with employment standards, including overtime, vacation pay and rights of employees returning from statutory leaves such as maternity leave. We have an unrivaled understanding of lesser-known ESA liabilities and how to avoid them.

Managing Disability

We provide advice and strategies for managing employee disabilities, including the duty to accommodate, obtaining medical information on employee disability and when employers can terminate for prolonged/repeat absenteeism due to disability.

Performance Management

We advise employers on their options for dealing with employee misconduct and performance issues, including drafting warnings and other sanctions and undertaking investigations.

Bullying and Harassment

HEL helps employers implement bullying and harassment policies. We provide training on them and help to respond to complaints.

Planning for Terminations

We work with employers in advance of terminations to assess risks and liabilities and take steps to reduce them. We draft termination letters and severance offers for our employer clients. We advise on compliance with “mass lay-offs” regulations.

Defending and Resolving Severance and Other Post-Dismissal Claims

HEL represents employers in responding to the full range of post-termination claims from discrimination through severance. We have a sterling record of reaching early, cost-effective and realistic settlements.

Enforcing and Defending Post-Termination Competition Claims

We advise on the drafting and enforcement of non-compete and non-solicit covenants. We have extensive experience in court enforcing such covenants.


HEL advises employers on privacy policies, compliance, and complaints.

We keep you up to date, set deadlines, and respond to clients promptly while taking cost into account.


One of our lawyers will be happy to talk with you for 10-15 minutes about your issue to determine if we can help. We will then run a conflict search to ensure there is no conflict and will need the names of all adverse parties such as employees to check this.

Once conflicts are cleared, which typically takes only an hour or two, we can begin getting full information and providing advice.

We do require all new clients to sign our standard retainer letter terms of engagement and to provide a modest retainer payment as a deposit against fees before we can begin providing services.

HEL for Employers

“We have used Geoff as our outside legal counsel for Human Resource Services and other related matters since 2017. Geoff has been excellent to work with, and offers proactive and practical solutions. Geoff has become a valued member of our team by offering these legal services!”