Howard Employment Law provides practical advice on employment and labour law and represents clients in employment-related litigation.


Geoffrey Howard and the Howard Employment Law team understands that our clients require timely, cost-effective, creative and practical approaches to resolve workplace issues and we work with them to find solutions to their business needs.

We believe in consistently high levels of responsiveness and open communications to ensure our clients are always aware of the status of their file.

At HEL, we understand that most employment law issues are urgent and require prompt advice, whether in relation to proposed discipline or dismissal, the duty to accommodate an employee’s disability, a planned termination of employment or enforcing a non-compete or non-solicitation covenant. We also recognize that employers and employees need cost-effective solutions where legal fees are proportionate to the amounts and issues at stake.

HEL Team

Legal Services For Employers

Howard Employment Law (HEL) provides employment law services to employers covering the full life cycle of the employment relationship including employment agreements, employment policies, legal compliance and performance management.

HEL’s key strategic services for employers include:

  • Implementing employment agreements that define and limit severance liability and protect employers from unfair post-termination competition;
  • Drafting and implementing key employer policies such as bullying and harassment and privacy required by law;
  • Review pay practises to ensure compliance with Employment Standards and therefore avoiding unexpected liabilities to employees;
  • Prompt advice on how to investigate and address employee misconduct and performance issues;
  • Advice on how to balance reasonable accommodation of disabled employees with business needs.

Our advice covers all the major provinces, including Ontario and Quebec (with assistance from our Quebec partner firm).

Legal Services For Employees

Howard Employment Law (HEL) advises and represents employees on the full range of issues they face in the workplace including employment agreements, constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, severance, and bullying and harassment claims.

HEL understands that most employees contacting a lawyer are in a very stressful situation and need prompt service. Our lawyers are promptly available to explain your rights and recommend a practical strategy for enforcing them, including:

  • Reviewing severance offers and negotiating fair severance following termination of employment;
  • Advising during investigations into your conduct;
  • Responding to warnings and other discipline;
  • Where necessary, prosecuting claims to enforce your rights in the courts, Employment Standards, Workers Compensation tribunals and Human Rights Tribunals.


Our lawyers have extensive experience representing and assisting both employers and employees in all phases of the employment relationship.

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating employment agreements, including executive employment agreements.
  • Benefit plans, including retirement, disability, and group insurance coverage and liability issues.
  • Stock options, restricted stock units (RSU), bonus and commission plans, and shareholders agreements.
  • Employer policy development and implementation.
  • Remote work policies.
  • Privacy policies and compliance.
  • Bullying and harassment policies, training, and responses to complaints.
  • Performance management and discipline.
  • Compliance with employment standards, including vacation, overtime, leave, and termination standards.
  • Compliance with human rights law, including discrimination and the duty to accommodate.
  • Termination of employment, including structuring and negotiating severance packages and avoiding constructive dismissals.
  • Employee shareholder disputes, including upon termination.
  • Employment issues and agreements in private company mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings for purchasers, vendors, and affected employees. We can assist business lawyers in transactions to manage employment-related issues.

We also represent clients in employment-related litigation including:

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing and assisting both employers and employees in all phases of the employment relationship.

  • Wrongful dismissal actions.
  • Disputes over post-employment competition arising from non-competes and other restrictive covenants.
  • Employment standards claims.
  • Human rights claims.
  • Grievances under collective agreements.
  • WorkSafe claims and workplace safety compliance.

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